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Politics/Art 2016/07/24

I am very fed up with the direction this country is going. We have two unacceptable candidates from the major political parties due to our failed 2-party system.

So I’m calling for a REVOLUTION. A progressive liberal revolution. That’s the inspiration for this art piece.

In addition to the changes suggested in these videos, I extremely desire us to eliminate the Electoral College and the President position, combine the Legislature into one house, and create a Prime Minister position. This is the form of government that has shown to be more fair, more viable and less tyrannical than other forms of government. These videos also provide a solution against gerrymandering.

The videos in this playlist describe flaws in the current system and how to fix them. It will take less than 1 hour to watch these videos. The future of our country is worth your time.

CGP Grey’s Election 101

Progressive Revolution

Progressive Revolution